Eleven Collection Office

eleven collection office - black, white, and gold office decor

Last weekend I started my office makeover.

Background story:
As I moved inventory, beads, charms, tools, etc from Eleven Collection's current office (aka my bedroom) to the new office down the hall (aka guest bedroom), I couldn't believe how much I had crammed into my tiny "office" space in my bedroom!! When I started my handmade line of game day jewelry last fall, I had a few different colored beads and a few charms. It all fit perfectly in my little area. As football season went on I expanded into more schools/colors and now I make more than just game day jewelry. I focus best and I am most creative when things around me are cleaned and organized. I constantly have to be trying out new designs so it's important for me to have all the items I need in sight and to be organized. My sweet roomie/bestie has now left me so it was the perfect time to use that room to create an office space just for Eleven Collection.

Now the fun stuff.

So Eleven Collection's colors are black, white, and chartreuse. I want to incorporate those colors into the office. The rest of the house is painted white so I continued with that wall color in the room. I use stripes and dots a lot for our packaging and logos so I know I want an accent wall that makes a statement.

My favorite option is this black and white striped wallpaper. It's gorgeous and the stripes are a little bit wider than any other wallpaper I've found.
If that's a little over your budget then here's another striped option. This one does have mixed reviews about it so just read those first.

If you're looking for a speckled or polka dot wallpaper.

I'm really into all the velour/crushed velvet right now, especially for chairs and curtains. They just look so luxurious?! I thinkI want velvet curtains but I really haven't completely decided. These chartreuse curtainswould be a dream butttt they're a little pricey so I'm going to keep looking. They have the most incredible color selection of velvet curtains too but like I said, pricey, so I'll share the other options i've found.
These velvet curtainshave good reviews, several color options, and I think an 8ft. pair would be under $150. Maybe I should go with white?


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